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AICTL is the leading International Professional body for all sectors of the Transport and Logistics Industry. The AICTL was actually established to promote knowledge of the science and art of Logistics and Transport and to provide a source of authoritative views for communication to government, industry and the community at large.

We are the leading professional body for everyone who works in supply chain, logistics and transport.
We help you and your organisation gain the knowledge and insights you need in the modern world where logistics and transport skills matter.

Africa both in the past and presently has had a lot of good policies; these policies were meant to bring positive changes to Nation. However, it has been observed that most of these policies never achieved the purpose for which they were formed. Critical analyses show that there were no foundational plans upon which the policies could anchor. Also, lack of policy monitoring team and parameters for measuring the efficacy and effectiveness of these policies made their implementation difficult.

The dearth of organized professional planning body in the country to give technical support services to the various policy implementation committees/or agencies, and continuously monitor the performances of the economy and ensure it is meeting its development goals has given birth to this child of necessity.

The objective of this INSTITUTE is to advise the government, corporate bodies, communities, individuals and the organized private sector on major issues relating to economic and social policies. Specifically, the Institute of Planning aims to promote and advance planning issues to the community, private sector and academia; provide a forum for exchange of views on planning issue, develop management science approach to administrative matters in Africa; increase members knowledge through education, training, and research; develop and disseminate planning knowledge to the profession; establish and administer the professional interest of members; serve the public interest through the establishment of educational institution, including building of schools, civic centers, and educational research centers for the training of the mind and inculcation of morals; to print and publish journals based on planning, development and technology for social harmony and community development.; collaborate with government, communities, corporate organizations, professional unions, national and international agencies, foundations, institutions and other stakeholders in sustaining planning, research, technology, for community development; and to do any such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

To fulfill these objectives, the INSTITUTE undertakes to initiate and coordinate planning for the economic, financial, social, cultural and physical development of Africa; to monitor the implementation of related plans and comment accordingly; provision of research and consultancy services; performance of advocacy and advisory roles; organize conferences, seminars and workshops; publication of journals and newsletters; work in close collaboration with universities and higher schools to develop a planning curricula; periodic awards shall be instituted and aimed at raising the standard of planning in Africa and giving opportunity to show case quality planning; use as a major forum for the discussion of planning and related topic and also organize a series of continuous planning development(CPD) events throughout the year to promote best practice and to inform Members regarding new approaches and policies.

What makes us thick

AICTL is a specialized institution to train skilled and innovative work-force that will transform Nigeria's natural resources into goods and services.

AICTL is driven by entrepreneurship, information and communication technology to positively affect the economy and thus the quality of life
The school was established to provide academic, professional and a structured Institute where all aspects of Maritime, Shipping, Transport, Maritime Engineering, Nautical Science, Business Management and logistics are being undertaken in Nigeria.

Our Establishment
How we all started
AICTL is registered under the degree 26 of 1988 with the designing of an academic structure where all aspects of shipping/maritime - transport studies and examinations was carried out using world class learning technologies.

AICTL studies covers; Business Science, Management Science, Technology and Engineering based programmes, Certification Courses, National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma and Master Degree Programs.

We’ve been around a while
We began some year back and have been working with the profession ever since. As our industry has grown in importance in the global economy so have we grown.

We reach out across the industry
Wherever you work. Whatever your specialism. Our members work in every sector of the industry: Ports and factories, air and sea, transport planning and demand planning, freight and warehousing. In an industry that accounts for 12% of GDP globally we need to make a difference. Together as professionals.

We reach out globally
We are now in over 30 countries worldwide. We are a global membership organisation. Our standards and your membership status are recognised wherever you go and wherever you work. We influence and shape government policy across many economies. We provide education and training at all levels and in all sectors.

We are professionals.
We can be your career partner for life
We start with students and support their careers all the way to becoming professors, government ministers and Supply Chain directors. Whether its study in a topic, gaining a qualification, identifying a best practice, benchmarking another organisation or meeting with fellow professionals. You have different needs throughout your working life. As your career partner we are with you at every stage. Join us

Why you need to get to know us
Transport and logistics are key enablers for the world’s economic development and prosperity. They dictate how you get to your destination, how you get your products, how you meet your customer order, how you do your business.

AICTL supports the professionals who plan the roads, drive the trucks, bring in the raw materials, and store the goods safely. We are the leading international voice for supply chain, logistics and transport.

What we do
We create the right programmes and set the right goals. We are seen as the leading professional body globally by those both within and outside our profession.
Our plans: We are creating a strong model for growth based on regional development. We are adding new country branches and identifying key markets for expansion

Our services for our Members: We are passionate about our education and membership services. We strive to strengthen and improve them. We share best practice and learnings throughout our global family and encourage participation and advancement at all levels.

Our people: We aim to give robust and positive leadership of the Institute. We have created a talented team to further develop our organisation.

What you see
These principles drive our behaviours.
•    Embracing Global Leadership – we think and act as global leaders of our profession and our industry.
•    Demonstrating Professionalism – we set high standards in the logistics and transport arena and we adhere to them.
•    Encouraging Diversity – we actively seek engagement from all in our industry whatever their skills, age, gender or nationality.
•    Being Passionate – our vibrant energy and progressive attitude are key in our drive for growth.
•    Becoming a Family – we are ‘Stronger Together’ as a membership body and as a leader in our industry. We act like a global family.

How we progressed
The group’s initial aims were to improve transport efficiency, enable transport integration and encourage talent development in the transport industry. Aims thatwe still strive to achieve today.

Where we are today
With the wider representation now we are involved in every logistics and transport sector.
We do this through talent development and professional education throughout the world.
As a family of professionals we come together in our annual International Convention in a different global location each year. There we reflect on our aims and plan our future.

The vision of those first Savoy Hotel pioneers lives and breathes and continues to shape our world today.
We believe in strong and visible governance. Here are our key management documents

As IVP for Africa I work closely with AICTL governance structures and systems to promote our values, to support existing branches and to encourage the development of new ones across our continent. I am particularly focused on enabling the success of YP and AICTL groups throughout Africa.


URGENT INFORMATION: This is to inform the general public that venue for the 2018 induction ceremony has been changed from the Novella Planet Hotel, Port Novo, Republic of Benin to LTV hall.  The new venue for the induction ceremony of our prestigious and reputable international professional bodies shall be Lagos State Television Combo Hall, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.  

Time :  12 Noon.     
Date :  May 12th,  2018.  Your presence would be highly appreciated sir/ma.


The objectives of AICTL are to:

  • Ensure adequate supply of qualified personnel to the industry
  • Keep qualified individuals up to date throughout their professional working lives
  • Play active and influential roles in shaping logistics and transport policies for the future development of the sector



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